Lyndon T
Senior Digital & Graphic Designer
The daylight bathes us in hope and colour. However, in the darkness of the night, we see a different world. The restricted information allows our mind to start writing different stories, and something we take for granted in the day suddenly takes on a new meaning.

I recently became interested in dark nights, exploring the contrast of light and emotion of colour. How much detail can be seen? How subtle can the range of colours be? What story do we create for ourselves? How benign does it become when you start to look beyond the light and see the subtle details in the dark.

This image, a crop of the full painting, sits as a part of an ongoing series.

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Meet the Artist
Sean P
Client Services Director

We’re focussed on a new dawn of conversation

At 3 Stories High, I am honoured to work with such inspirational individuals, with vast and diverse skill sets – and working as a team, we achieve ground-breaking results. My role allows me to help our clients to be the best they can be, but also collaborate with our teams to be the best WE can be. And I feel, with the 3 Stories High footprint, the opportunities are limitless for me in enhancing my career.

I’m also proud to be part of the 3 Stories High employee recognition and communication committee, defining the value of togetherness, celebrating and voicing our collaborations.

A particular passion of mine is understanding behaviour change and how we now engage with our audiences after the big global reset. Pharma has changed, marketing has changed, and experiences have changed. We now need to change our conversations around access, engagement and impact!

Look out for my posts on ‘The 2022 Conversation’ - an initiative in which I talk about how the pharmaceutical and marketing world has changed and the bright new horizons of the future with 3 Stories High.


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