Imogen T
Associate Medical Writer
I enjoy creating art that demonstrates a feeling, and the feeling that I hope to portray through this piece is once of pure happiness, excitement and love. Looking at this illustration fills me with joy, and I hope that others can sense the joy that it radiates too.

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Jas M
Digital Technical Project Director

We build strong teams to bring the best to the business

I’ve seen such a dramatic, exciting shift over the last couple of years in our industry. I’ve been lucky to play an important role as a leader in our team: helping to shape and adapt to a hybrid digital ecosystem.

In the last 6 years of being within the medical/biopharma space, I’ve seen pharmaceutical brands responding well to digital channels, which in turn has helped enable targeted delivery to diverse subgroups and drive changes in clinical practice. We are seeing more digital engagement tactics on a global scale that offer healthcare professionals the ability to make better-informed clinical decisions.

At 3 Stories High I love finding ways to streamline processes and, in particular, build strong teams who work well together to bring the best to the business and to our clients. I’ve always enjoyed working on a variety of digital projects and innovative challenges. With a keen eye for planning, I’m able to quickly help my team to overcome the many interesting challenges we face to ensure the successful completion of all tasks and projects.


Carly H Traffic Manager
"In love with my new role"
Sean P Client Services Director
"We’re focussed on a new dawn of conversation"