Emily B
Compliance Manager
The area of science and medicine that I am passionate about is Makaton.

Owing to my daughter’s speech delay, my husband and I were keen to get trained up on this fantastic language aid, which has been paramount in progressing my daughter’s speech and has opened a world of communication for us as a family.


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Meet the Artist
Brett M
Senior Medical Writer

3 Stories High gives me a deep sense of purpose

Beyond my involvement in developing engaging and impactful deliverables for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies worldwide, 3 Stories High allows me to be myself – a curious individual with a passion for scientific discovery.

I am frequently given opportunities to investigate the latest in medical research, both familiar and unfamiliar in view of my doctoral training in behavioural neuroscience, and am relied on to integrate my expertise in this field into potential developments within the agency. These are some of the elements that give me a deep sense of purpose within 3 Stories High, as I am able to apply my knowledge and contribute to business pipelines and agency progression.

Attending international conferences such as those hosted by ISMPP has made me feel at home within the med comms space by networking with like-minded folk. Engaging with others to discuss our experiences boosted my inspiration to excel in the field as I gained perspectives on how to think creatively and inquisitively about the development and impact of medical content.

3 Stories High provides an environment and culture that allows for professional and personal growth, as well as offering challenges and opportunities that are motivating and encouraging to any and all med comms specialists!


Sean P Client Services Director
"We’re focussed on a new dawn of conversation"
Carly H Traffic Manager
"In love with my new role"
Jas M Digital Technical Project Director
"We build strong teams to bring the best to the business"