Lauren A
Digital & Graphic Designer
During Christmas 2020, I lost my best friend – my grandma – after a period of separation caused by hospitals being locked down. The circumstances of COVID-19 made the death extremely hard to deal with as a result of not having closure. For a time, it seemed I wouldn't be able to move on.

However, in the later stages of my grieving period, I felt a change in myself that I didn't see coming: I felt my personality shifting and strengthening. I started to grow because of my grandma, and to appreciate the independence of spirit and the wisdom I've inherited from her.

Grandma and I both loved gardening, so these flowers represent this personal journey which I will continue to make in her memory.

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Ananya D
Medical Writer

I’m excited by the opportunities for growth on all levels

Following the diagnoses of two close friends, learning about multiple sclerosis has become more important to me. As a Medical Writer at 3 Stories High, I was fortunate to attend the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) congress in October 2022. I relished the opportunity to hear first-hand about new treatments, technologies and advances. The experience not only helped me to grow in my role but also opened the door to be directly involved in business development at 3 Stories High.

Having these sorts of opportunities for growth means that collectively we are able to share key learnings and insights with each other, building our knowledge together to deliver the very best for our clients.


Carly H Traffic Manager
"In love with my new role"
Sean P Client Services Director
"We’re focussed on a new dawn of conversation"
Jas M Digital Technical Project Director
"We build strong teams to bring the best to the business"