Jintana K
Technical Project Manager
I am obsessed with looking at people. I love doing portraits of people. There’s only ever one of each person on earth and that’s such a ‘wow’ factor for me. It makes each of us very special.

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Amy C
Medical Writer

The opportunity to share my words... and have you hear me

As an Asian-Canadian woman, throughout my life I’ve felt certain expectations in terms of my character and behaviour – that I should be naturally academically gifted, hardworking and, above all, quiet and submissive. In grad school, a colleague once insisted that I was good at math, despite my protestations to the contrary, because apparently all Asians are geniuses at math. I’m sure that person didn’t mean any harm nor were they aware of what they were doing, but at best, that type of behaviour is irritating, and at worst, it perpetuates racial stereotypes.

In the workplace, we want to make sure that everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., feels welcome, valued and heard. For that reason, DEI initiatives are key to an organisation’s success, as they increase our awareness, empathy and trust. Besides being a medical writer, I’m part of 3SH’s DEI committee, since joining which I’ve crafted a newsletter and presented a session on microaggressions. I’m excited for future DEI initiatives in which I will have the opportunity to share my words, have a voice and have you hear me.


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